Glarysoft Registry Repair

Product Name: MyLockbox

Overall Ranking: 5 / 5 Stars

Price: Freeware / Pro Edition

Size: 3.61MB

Owner: FSPRO Labs


Password Protect Windows Folder:

A few days ago my Uncle K. (you know who you are) asked me if he could password protect a folder in Windows 7. I told him I’d have to look into it. I found this very intriguing because I never had use for this type of application, but nevertheless it’s a legitimate question which deserves an answer and if possible a workaround.

The next day I went directly to Microsoft Windows website and read its “Can I protect files or folders with a password?” at

In a nut-shell it states that Windows 7 does allow you to protect individual files using a password; however, they do not have a utility to password protect folders. In a situation like this you research to find a 3rd party software that’s compatible with Windows 7 which offers the same or more security.

After performing a comprehensive search and testing of at least 3 others I found a tool that works with Windows 7 perfectly and very easy to use; it’s called MyLockbox at  It doesn’t encrypt data / folders it puts it under lock and key via a set password.

However, this version is free therefore as always it has its limitations unless you purchase the Pro Edition. The free version only allows you 1 single folder to password protect, but keep in mind a folder can house many subfolders. If you need more folders to be protected tghen consider purchasing the Pro.

The Installation:

Download the MyLockbox at or > will appear at the bottom of your screen or land in the download folder > Click it. The MyLockbox_setup will appear under Name > click Run > Select the language > English (if applicable) > Click Next.

Agree to the License Agreement > Verify the location where you want it to land on your computer > Decide if / where the shortcuts will be created > Leave it at Standard Installation radio dial > Click Next  >  Click Install > Decide if  you want it to integrate with Windows Explorer if you do  the leave box checked > Click Finish. You’re done.

Select destination location

Verify the location where you want it to land on your computer. Decide if you want shortcuts to be created > Leave it at Standard Installation radio dial > Click Next > Click Install > If you want it to integrate with Windows Explorer leave box checked.

Do Not hide install folders

Ensure the the Do Not Install Hide Folders Ext is selected. If you wish to Hide you will be using the trial version which will expire and later require you to pay for the Pro Edition.

Enter PW and email


Input the information requested > Click Ok > When completed a password successful window will display > Click OK. The installation is complete. You will notice you have a new icon on your desktop similar to this one resembling a safe (stands to reason). mylockbox iconClicking on the icon will launch the MyLockbox interface below.

Blank MyLockbox Interface

Let’s Create a Folder to Password Protect:

Make new folder


Click the Set Folder button > You can either browse to an existing folder to protect or click Make New Folder > If you choose to make a new folder name it something relative to what you’re securing.  As you can see I clicked to make a new folder.

At this point once the folder is in the directory under the name you chose > Click OK.  The path to the folder is listed in the Protected Folder field. Click Open and drag the files you want to be password protected under where you see Name. Once you’ve added the files you want secured > Click File and then Close > Click the Lock button on the MyLockbox interface.

Enter password


To Test MyLockbox:

Click the icon MyLockbox on your desktop to open. You’ll notice you must enter the password you created earlier in order to access the folder / files within. Fantastic, right! When it opens the status changes to unlocked (on the left) in order for you to access the recently password protected files. It allows you to lock it once you’ve finished viewing / editing your files as usual then you’re left with the MyLockbox interface which you simply  click X to close.

I Recommend MyLockbox.

This utility for many reasons is a great tool. To start it has no limits on the size of the protected data, the free edition allows you to protect an unlimited number of subfolders, it supports the various Windows operating systems, such as XP, Vista, 7, and 8, 32 bit, and 64 bit, online password recovery, protection extents to safe mode, its simplicity, 10 different languages, and finally its freeware. These days you can’t beat freeware.

Your files are as safe as the strength of your password. Make it at least 6 – 8 characters including numbers, capital letters, lower case letter, and symbols, such as $ @ ! & * #, but not too complicated that it’s difficult to remember. Create passwords that are easy to remember but hard for others to guess.

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Product Name: Rkill

Overall Ranking: 5 / 5 Stars

Price: Freeware

Owner: Lawrence Abrams


A Tool That Works

I want to recommend and give kudos to Rkill which does what it proclaims. How many products can you make that statement about? It’s freeware, yes, a free tool created to stop the processes of malware.

It terminates known processes in the registry found in the Windows Registry Keys which stop computer systems from running normal security applications, such as Glarysoft, Avira, Malwarebytes, or AVG.

Never Failed

Today’s viruses like ransom ware also blocks your system from launching any executable file, such as IE, Word, Excel, or your games. I’ve used Rkill many times and each time it never failed me.

What It’s Not Programmed To Do

Rkill does NOT rid your computer of the virus, but instead it enables you to run your anti-virus software. All you do is launch it and it does all the work. Below is the initial DOS screen followed by the Finished notification once it’s completed the analysis and terminated the processes. At this point do not reboot your system continue the removal of malware by starting your anti-virus software to complete the clean.


Rkill DOS

Rkill log creation notification

Clever Malware

In my experience cleaning computers encountering ransom ware and other malicious code that have become more intelligent or should I say the creator of the virus elevated his / her cleverness. Below is your generated report of Rkill’s findings.

Rkill text log

Knowing today’s malware are more intelligent Rkill comes in 4 different file extensions > .EXE – .COM – SCR, and .PIF. When RKill first came on the scene it was only in the format of .EXE, but when malware blocked the execution of it they created alternative file extensions.

I recommend RKill because of its simplicity, reporting, and speed. Any one that can click can use this tool as a prefix to exterminate computer malware. It works on either 32 bit or 64 bit systems; in addition, cleans policies that stop you from using Window Utilities, execution objects, executable hijacks, disallowruns entries, and more.


Product Name: Glarysoft Registry Repair

Overall Ranking: 5 / 5 Stars

Price: Free  Trial $0.00 / Pro $27.96

Owners: Glary Utilities



Glarysoft Registry Repair:

Glarysoft is the most recommended and popular registry repair program on the market today. I’ve used this program on many occasions to repair my registry or merely optimize my system to ensure my computer starts and makes connections faster.

I’m an avid believer in computer maintenance because I’m always trying new products, so I download and install / uninstall on a regular basis. I downloaded an update for an application and after the installation I noticed there was an added toolbar on by browser. I’m like “Where did that come from?” I didn’t remember being asked if I accept or decline.

Well, a lot of online programs come with cloaked baggage. In regards to the activity my computer goes through it’s really a no brainer why my system’s performance becomes sluggish. So, on a regular schedule I clean my registry to keep my computer tuned for optimal performance.

Best Buy Co, Inc.

The Many Reasons I Use It:

Right off the back it’s easy to install. Glary Registry Repair really takes the burden of manually repairing the registry which is tedious and time consuming. On top of that it’s extremely complex, so to edit the registry manually leaves room for human error.

Glarysoft Registry Cleaner

Glarysoft setup up wizard


It’s easy to run, navigate, and fast. It not only cleans the registry, but creates a back-up each time it’s ran. Believe me that’s great support just incase something goes wrong it’s good to know you can revert / import to the previous version.


It analyzes 18 different errors and systematically scans for registry errors and invalid entries. It also give me peace of mind not to worry about infecting my system with viruses because Glarysoft is clean. There’s no malware, spyware, Trojan, or back doors attached. A dream come true!




Who Should Use Glarysoft?

I think all users from both side can benefit using Glarysoft from newbies to experts. I say newbies because you don’t have to know technical jargon and just follow the easy instructions; on the same note, the experts can take advantage of it eliminating loads of hours of troubleshooting and manual editing.

Glarysoft Registry features

Glarysoft Registry Repair Options



It offers 3 modes to choose from Quick Scan, Deep Scan, or Customized Scan, including  categories and sub items;
in addition, a scheduler.


Compatible Operations Systems:

2000 / XP /Windows 7 / 8  / Vista

 Glarysoft image

Glary Utilities


Help and Support:


Glarysoft offers a comprehensive FAQ to address any questions you may have about their product.



In My Opinion:

Glarysoft Registry Repair can be trusted to get the job done. When I realized my computer was sluggish and took too long to start I was extremely skeptical about letting anything near my registry. So, I surfed and searched  and finally found Glarysoft. I’m very happy with it’s results and it hasn’t failed me yet.


Full Disclosure:

The links / banners on are affiliate links, which they have granted this website the honor of advertising their merchandise. I will earn a commission if you click on the link or make a purchase using that link. If you make a purchase, the price you pay will be the same whether you use my affiliate link or go directly to the vendor’s website. By using my affiliate links, you are helping support this site and I genuinely appreciate your patronage.

Author: Wanda

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