Windows 7 Tricks

No matter what you do in life you’re always interested in shortcuts. They save time and energy eliminating many clicks to get results.  Each operating system has its secrets and I want to share a few that will make your computing life more efficient and productive. I’m going to show you some Windows 7 tricks… Read More »

What’s Inside Every Computer Case

Computers seem and really are complex machines; however, if you know and understand their various parts, specific operation, and dependencies they becomes less complex. As with anything you / me find interesting it will eventually become second nature. Inside computer cases and laptops alike is an assembly of components working as one to perform tasks and calculations… Read More »

Make Extra Cash Online!

When I think of all the money I’ve lost / spent trying to build an online business I want to explode. I didn’t know what I was doing and nor did care of I understood the mechanics.  They’re concern / objective was to get as much moola out of me before I realized my ignorance. My concern /… Read More »