Asus Setup: Cloud Service, Is It All That?

By | September 23, 2014

By now almost everyone has heard of cloud storage or you’re already enjoying services. But if you haven’t I can tell you it’s truly  something innovative. I see it as one of the best things since the dawn of wireless connectivity.

For those of us who are not familiar a cloud is comprised of multi-distributed remote servers and software networks creating a centralized data storage farm. Some IT professionals refer to the cloud as the Internet. I concur, but on the other end there’s obviously more data processing involved.

The Asus WebStorage cloud and others offer services to small and large organization; however, there are many benefits for personal user’s like you and me.

I was introduced to Asus WebStorage when I purchased my Asus detachable tablet via Best Buy one of my affiliate accounts not too long ago. It would prompt me from time to time to install it.

So, I did my homework learning more about cloud capabilities, benefits, and drawbacks from other users and reviews. The information I gathered  was it offers seamless accessibility, reliability, secure data backup, archiving, and more importantly disaster recovery.

Now, I analyzed and practiced this technology enough to know it’s something special which provides a great convenience. I can synchronize then share pictures, music, documents, and more with multiple users like my family, friends, and co-workers anytime, anywhere. Amazing! So, now I’m ready to venture into cloud computing and I’d like to show you how a typical installation is done. So, here we go.

Setup webstorage Step 1First thing you need to do is click the radio dial to create a WS ID > Click Next.

WebStorage ID process

Type in your email address and password. Then re-type password to confirm. Check off  the box to Agree to the Asus WebStorage Terms of Service and Privacy Policy > Click Next.

Asus WebStorage email confirmation

At this point Asus ID is will not be validated until you access the email account and click on the link to verify > Click Confirm.

setup webstorage part 7You will be notified an email has been sent to you email account to activate your WebStorage ID > Click Ok.

Asus WebStorage Congrats

Once you’ve click on the link in your email account return to click “Ok” button at on the previous pic then you’ll see the “Congratulations!” window will display > click Next. You’ll notice that my total space allotted is “Unlimited” and expiration date is 2016/03/29. Your time extends up to 90 days if you refer friends and family. I have access to Asus WS for an entire year or more. Does it get any better? > Click Next.

Asus WebStorage setting up sync folder

At this point the installation will setup the sync folder(s). When you drag, save, or paste to this folder it will automatically sync then visible to all shared devices. Click either browse to configure another folder or Next to proceed.

Asus Webstorage sync folder selection

This pic pretty much says it all: You can select which folder you wish to sync to each computer depending on your needs. This is an illustration of what devices can be connected. < Click Next.

Asus WebStorage share folder menu

Asus WStorage makes it easy to share files, folder, graphics, pics, movies, and more with colleagues or friends > Click Next.

Setting up Asus WebStorage icons

This will setup an icon on the system tray (bottom right on desktop). To open right click the icon to open MySyncFolder quick access to WS website where you’ll find additional information. You’ll also find an icon located on your desktop > Click the Sync now button. You’re done!

I myself have an enormous amount of data, such as pictures, academic papers, documents, and music. I’d utilize a cloud for storage especially if I  don’t have sufficient space on my computer. So we have the capabilities now lets check out the advantages and disadvantages:.


  • All your files backed up in one location and accessed from any computer or mobile device anywhere anytime.
  • Share all you data files with family, and friends, and colleagues.
  • No more toting USB or flash drives from one place to another to transfer files, pics and more.
  • If you were unfortunately loose your phone, laptop, or PDF  ” no worries” the data you uploaded to WebStorage can be retrieved.


  • Since the data is stored in a cloud access is dependent on your Internet’s availability. If it’s down then there goes accessibility to your data. You must consider how often is your Internet connection down?
  • All cloud services state they have the most sophisticated data security; however, the can fall victim to sophisticated cyber attackers just like Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and others.

In My Opinion:

This is a great investment for small companies helping them save money on IT Administrators and procuring additional software and hardware. On a much smaller scale home network users should take advantage of the creme de la creme of  this computing utility of today. Not just because it’s the last innovation or the talk of the town, but because surely enhances productivity at work and play. Although I wouldn’t store data in a cloud that I wouldn’t want my mother to see. Just saying.

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  1. Paco

    Nice blog here! BTW your web site loads up very fast! At the moment I’m not familiar with web storage, but after reading your blog I’ve learned and will give it a try soon. I’m a long distance bike rider and cross alot of scenic sites. This could be useful.
    Gran mensaje!

    1. Wanda Post author

      I see your point and advantages to investing in web storage or the cloud. Happy trails!



  2. Kacey

    Cloud computing sounds and reads kind of interesting and time saving. Looking into it. Thanks for the insight.

    1. Wanda Post author

      I was leery at first, but now I use it everyday with no problem. It’s the bomb!

      Thanks for commenting.

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    1. Wanda Post author

      Thank you so much. I’m happy to be of assistance.


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      The contribution is my pleasure, Forrest. Come back to visit.



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