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I live in the New York City and my name is Wanda. I’ve lived here for most of my life; however, I was born in the Georgia. You might say I’m a Georgia Peach. I love living in New York not because it’s expensive to live here (that’s for sure) or it’s the financial capital, but for it’s other great qualities, such as Broadway shows, theaters, museums, street art, diverse population, and  bagels. After all it is the city that never sleeps.


Often my family and friends contact to me to resolve either a software or hardware issue and I’m elated to help in any way I can. If you have any thoughts, questions, or comments I will be happy to hear from you. I’m a firm believer in sharing what you know.

I worked on Wall Street prior to the financial crises that occurred in 2008 which devastated the entire world. No, I wasn’t an executive I was a Senior Securities Administrator at a private firm. I enjoyed that kind of work; the volume was high; a lot of overtime and late dinners. Those were great times, but you don’t realize how great until they’re gone. Unfortunately, I was laid off which was a downer; it seemed banks were being acquired every month, but it created an opportunity for me to redirect my career and so I became a techy.

I started my technical career at Career Blazers and obtained my A+ certification and then went on to New Horizons both in New York. At New Horizons I attended Information technology courses and obtained my CompTIA Security +, Network +, MCA, and MCSA which I’ve studied computer hardware / software, securing a network and managing risks, and the various operating systems. Those were followed by becoming a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA / Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1 (ICND1) which I studied how to connect Local Area Networks (LAN) and routers.

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I felt I wanted to learn a little more in depth about computing and enrolled at Kaplan University and obtained an Associate Degree on my trek to a Bachelor’s in Computer Security and Forensics. I’m fascinated by computers; their capability and functionality.

I worked as a Help Desk Administrator / Analyst, Desk Side support, and consulted at various well known companies, such as Morgan Stanley and Hewlett Packard. In addition, I worked as a Computer Instructor and I taught high school kids and adults computer skills, such as Microsoft applications, computer basics, and protective measures surfing the Net.

Every day I left knowing I changed someone’s perspective about computing. I couldn’t believe some were afraid to operate a computer in this day an age; in addition, some would come in with a mean disposition and I understood it very well. Basically they didn’t know what to expect of the unknown and feeling they were out of their comfort zone. It was amazing to see that attitude fade away after speaking with me and going through the activities.

After a few lessons they became more at ease and comfortable operating the computer. They were truly motivated and most were able to re-enter the workforce with a new skill-set. I was very grateful to be in a position to teach something I feel is invaluable.

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Wanda Harper

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6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Blair

    Hello, I discovered your blog page inside a new directory of blogs. I will not understand how your blog site came up, should have been a typo, Your blog page looks very good. Have a great day. I’ll be back.

    1. Wanda

      Thanks for the comment even though you were searching for something other. You never know what you’ll find that’s interesting.


  2. Joni

    hello!,I like your writing so a lot! In my past life I was help desk admin. and I didn’t like it. You seem as though you enjoyed it very much. It takes a person with a lot or patience.

    1. Wanda

      It does and an extremely amount of energy. Lol!

      You know what I mean.


  3. Luciana

    I was excited to find this web site. Thanks for this wonderful read! I definitely appreciated every part of it and I have you book-marked to see new things on your blog.

    1. Wanda

      Great! Thank you for visiting and bookmarking.




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