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Windows Registry Keys: Manage PC Performance

The Windows Registry is the most essential element in Microsoft’s operating systems environment. It’s unbelievable that people that own computers have no idea what makes it tick, but those that do ensure they continue to have a productive, efficient, and lasting machine. This is why I chose to write about Windows Registry Keys. I feel it’s important to know how a typical… Read More »

AMI Computer Beep Codes: What Do They Mean?

There are many brands of Basic Input / Output System (BIOS) on the market, so to decode the meaning of codes be sure to consult the manual of your particular motherboard for instructions. If you do not have the manual this information is easily located on the manufacturers website and downloadable. Once you press the power… Read More »

Asus Setup: Cloud Service, Is It All That?

By now almost everyone has heard of cloud storage or you’re already enjoying services. But if you haven’t I can tell you it’s truly  something innovative. I see it as one of the best things since the dawn of wireless connectivity. For those of us who are not familiar a cloud is comprised of multi-distributed… Read More »

Easy Steps To Secure Your Wireless Network

Wireless networks are communications systems exempt of wires, such as Ethernet cables. Instead they use radio frequencies made possible by wireless routers using air just like cell towers to cell phones. It’s a fact these days people are connected 24/7 since Wireless Fidelity a/k/a Wi-Fi came on the scene. Now, given the environment and assessment… Read More »

What is Printer Resolution?

Let’s face it a typical home network is not complete until a printer is part of the assemble. Printers are the ultimate expansion of expression to share graphics and text directly from a computer to hard copy. The common applications used are Word, Paint, or PowerPoint, so instead of tearing your hair out trying to… Read More »

Back-Up Windows 7 and 8 Registry

The Administrator of the computer is the only account that can change system settings. Administrators create 2 accounts for themselves. One is the admin account which has system privileges and the other is a user account for day-to-day computing. The admin account is able to install / uninstall software, change computer settings, delete other user accounts, and perform maintenance. As a matter… Read More »

Maintain Performance: Window’s System Utilities

I’ve explored and written about Windows Registry Keys, which is as we know by now is part of all Windows operating system’s software package. With that said let’s turn our attention to the tangible elements of the computer; its  hardware components, and Windows system utilities. A computer’s life is prolonged if maintenance is performed periodically to keep it… Read More »

Challenges Faced In Today’s Digital Society

  Savvy computing means you possess the tools and realize computers are what I consider a “double edge sword.” That you’re aware and understand their capabilities and limitations. On this side of the coin there are a lot of opportunities and challenges of living in a digital society for obvious reasons, such as you can explore anything and… Read More »

Why Become Computer Savvy?

Knowledge is power and as a computer user power is knowledge of knowing how to defend your system against hackers. Why become computer savvy is not the question. The question is why NOT become computer savvy? Well, the majority of our society believes becoming computer savvy means having the knowledge to take a computer apart… Read More »

Interesting Facts About Bits (32 bit and 64 bit)

To understand the difference between 32 bit and 64 bit we have to understand what is a bit. A single bit (b) is short for binary digit and it reflects whether something is on or off. The number 1 signifies something is on and 0 signifies something is off.  Eight bits joined together form 1 byte (octet) signifying… Read More »